No flood insurance for the residents of Anthem Az. “We did not think we needed flood insurance, we live in a desert”, one resident said. Our home is gone said another, who was devastated during the flood. Anthem is asking why their homes were flooded and why did some one not tell them they were in a flood zone.
Arizona, Nevada and Utah all face monsoon rains that can dump up to five inches of water in under an hour. Run off from these storms lead to flash flooding, and massive damage to homes and business. Flood smarts interactive web site explains how just 5 inches of water can cause more than $45,000 damage in a 2,200 sq home. Nevada recently rezoned areas into a flood zone just because of this reason. Utah will be doing the same.

Rezoning an area will force coverage on homes that may have emanate danger, of flooding. How about the other that surround areas that were once thought to be too high for flooding.

People need to be aware that a small premium will pay off a large, loss. For under $400 typically, they may have been able to obtain flood insurance.

Many people were caught off guard and had no flood insurance at the time that it flooded , in Anthem. Remember flood insurance is not hazard insurance.
Most people do not understand that it takes 30 days for coverage to begin on most flood policies. If the policy was written on the 1st of July,2012 then the coverage would have been in place for the August second flooding that occurred in Anthem, Arizona.
Find out the facts and get flood smart. Get a free zone determination just click quotes, and get a free no obligation rate quote.

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